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Take Home CaveMan Tonight!! OPEN EVERYDAY 10am to 7pm

Take Home CaveMan Tonight!! OPEN EVERYDAY 10am to 7pm

Who We Are

Cave Man Kitchen

Founded in 1971 by Dick Donley... Cave Man Kitchen, today, still specializes in the same, flavorful smokehouse technique using local woods stoked over an open flame which gives our meats a uniquely Northwest flavor.

Owner: Roseanna Donley

We Are A Smokehouse Not A BBQ Joint...

Smoking is an art that relies on the senses. Through our many years of experience, we have perfected the craft hailing our unique smoke roasting techniques with much acclaim.

As in days of old, our wood smoking signature of authenticity is the smoke ring and reddish color within the pork, beef, chicken, ribs, turkey, etc.

Allowing the flavor of the sweet hardwoods to permeate the meat a low constant blaze is maintained. A tender crust seals the meat allowing it to smoke roast within its own succulent juices. The aroma this process exudes is heaven to the senses!

From the Kent Valley in Washington State, Presidents to paupers have tasted our unique Native Northwest flavor. Stop in and "read our wall" we have posted letters from customers, friends, bands, presidents, celebrities, corporations.. all fans of the Cave.

Being family-owned

And operated since 1971, it has been our intent to offer the public the convenience of delicious “Comfort Food” for more than an affordable price!

Our seasoned staff

(that’s family and extended family) has catered events from five to five thousand and custom smoked everything imaginable. (You Choke ‘Em—We’ll Smoke ‘Em!)

Special occasion

We’d be delighted to help you with your special occasion or have you drop in and let us prepare you a meal for dining in or taking out.

Our Guarantee to you...

Cave Man Kitchen's menu is whole foods. 

There is little to no processing, our foods are cooked fresh daily. No additives, preservatives, glutamates, nitrates, sulfates, and primates (that we know of), and absolutely no liquid smoke in our meats. 

Most of our items are gluten-free diet-friendly.

Call us (253) 854-1210

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Rachelle Camacho

5 Star Review - Google
Just ordered for my family of 4 coming in this restaurant for the 1st time because it was convenient and close to my daughters dental and this older lady has made my order with great customer care. She is the sweetest person with great customer service and made me feel at home the minute I walked in. She gave me the options to choose and I have given her the 5 star because she showed the love of food and the love of treating all customers and acknowledging each person that walks in...

John P.

5 Star Review - Yelp
This is flat out excellent road food. Eating on the I-5 Corridor is abysmal. This place is well worth a detour for anyone hungry and heading either south from Seattle or north to Seattle. All sorts of options, from the hardy stew, to the smoked salmon (a little on the sweet side), to Poboy sandwiches, to meat sandwiches, to salads, potato salad. You name it. It's just hearty good chow. Add pepper to the stew which they call Stoup...

Captain Spaulding

5 Star Review - Google
I have been going here for perhaps 20 years or more. Love the food and the ambiance which is pretty austere. It is great BBQ!!! Yes it has changed owners and it could use some better BBQ sauce and it is expensive but I love the food just the same.


807 W. Valley HWY
Kent WA 98032
Call in your order...(253) 854-1210...we'll have it ready!


Special this WEEK

Holiday Ham sandwich
Smoke-roasted sliced pit ham
On toasted French bread
Served with house made
Fruit chutney

…a taste of the holidays in every bite

Original Location

Same great recipes
& local NW flavorite since 1971!
Stop in and taste for yourself!
Covered outdoor dining
We're honored that we are
fan-voted #1 BBQ and #1 CATERING
in Kent and Western WA.

Food so good.. CaveMan say "Ugh"!

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